Color Crush – Gold Polka Dots A5 Personal Planner Kit

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Personal planner kit with different sections

Color Crush – Gold Polka Dots A5 Personnal Planner Kit

Use a planner to organise, plan and tell your life story.

It can be easy, fun, or both ♥

Some months you would like to decorate with washi tape and stickers... some maybe not. Choose how to fill every page of this planner, with the memories of your daily life, organise it towards a set date, or with your day to day activities and duties. It is just a blank paper to fill and personalise any way you like.

Faux-leather planner with 6 golden ring system and extra-large clasp zipper and sewn tag for maximum storage. It is white with golden dots in the exterior part while Webter’s Pages initials are printed on the spine (wp). The interior is white and pink.. The inner flap contains an organizational system with six pockets with the name of the brand and the foundation engraved in golden, perfect for storing cards, tags, labels, etcetera. In the backcover’s inner part there’s a big pocket to store elements of a bigger size or the notepad and a grey band to hook one or more of your pens and take them always with you.

It includes a transparent plastic separator with golden spots to indicate and mark the page you’re working on. It also includes a big pouch with a plastic bag to save any element.

The contained sections are:

- Acetate sheet
- Dividers sheet
- Write it down
- Memory Keeping
- Lists of love
- Staying inspired
- Calendar
- Weekly planner

The pages come undated, which is perfect for you to start your planner whenever you want. Each section is indicated by a divider stamped by some of the Webster's Pages collections.

Dimensions: 18,9x25,1 cm.
Set’s dimensions: 21,8x26,5x5,3 cm.

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