EVA Foam

What is EVA foam?

EVA foam is a thermoplastic material, which means it’s thicker and denser than a regular paper sheet but much smoother and mouldable when subjected to high temperature. It has multiple uses, easy to cut, paint and glue, it fits perfectly in scrap crafts.

How to use EVA foam?

EVA foam is usually glued with liquid silicon, which lets you modify your adhesion if needed until it colds and solidifies. However some sheets already have adhesive on them. EVA foam is usually presented in sheets you can easily cut in every kind of shape you might think of, since you can use scissors, but also die-cut it. Its texture allows you to paint or colour it with acrylic painting, watercolour, oil painting permanent markers or even chalky paint. EVA foam is recyclable and non-toxic. Its density is also the main material for fofuchas dolls and other funny shapes suitable for children. Its thermoplastic ability allows you to shape the EVA foam sheet as you wish, apply heat for about ten seconds and the shape will be fixed. You can also do pyrography on it.