Writing & Calligraphy Essentials

Writing & Calligraphy Essentials

Calligraphy, lettering… What is all that?

It may seem three different words for generating letters, but actually there are tiny differences. Calligraphy sets are an important part of scrapbooking and craftworks. It’s another way to get personal, unique customized project. Calligraphy is defined as the art of writing letters down using a pen or a tool in a decorative way. Actually it would be rather accurate to call it a discipline, since you need to practice a lot to develop nice writing skills. That is why you can get now calligraphy set with writing templates, quill, nibs and ink for beginners. When you get more expert, you’ll be able to use water-tank brushes and play with colours. Lettering, as its name says, is the art of creating letters. We can see it from a graphic designer point of view creating font. Each letter has its style, shape, thickness, stroke, colour, etc. You get to create a whole alphabet style. With time and, again, practice, you get to draw beautiful letters: italics, bold… Some pens are just ideal to get into this world.

What are the advantages of practicing calligraphy?

By writing for yourself your album titles, names or place, you get a very personal and unique art of work. Furthermore, calligraphy is known to be a relaxing exercise and to enhance creativity, since you can try different kind of fonts and practise with brushes, fountain pencil cartridges, etc. Finally, on this computer era, you get something which is rather extinguished: you get a beautiful handwriting.

What do we need to start practicing calligraphy?

Not much: a nib, some ink, a pen and a template or an initiate book. In a flick of a lamb’s tail, you’ll be a pro.