Heidi Swapp Large Memory Planner One day

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Ringed personal planner.

Heidi Swapp Large Memory Planner One day

Memory Planner is the new collection of planners brought to you by HeidiSwapp. The planning fever is here and agendas are no longer something boring but beautiful. They are no longer something corporative but CREATIVE. This is a collection of updated planners, with new designs and patterns. You will find lots of decorated papers, dividers, lists, stickers and accessories to customise them.

  • Planner made on synthetic leather , with 4 fuchsia rings and the gold foil text One day at a time on the cover.
  • The inside is patterned with white spots on a pink backgrounds. 
  • The inside flap includes three storage pockets, a large lateral pocket and a black rubber band to place your pen and carry always with you.
  • Sheets measurements: 15,24 x 20,23 cm (6 x 8")
  • Planner measurements: 20,4 x 22,2x 5,3 cm (8 x 9 x 2"). 
  • This planner comes undated, so that you can start writing on it whenever you want. It doesn't matter if you want to use it as a scholar planner or year planner.


  • 1 fuchsia synthetic leather cover with the gold foil text One day at a time .
  • 1 plastic sleeve for photographs.
  • 12 acetate dividers with the name of the months decorated with flowers and the name of the month on Heidi's font.
  • 12 page protectors
  • 12 Meal planners to organise all your meals and shopping lists.
  • 12 Exercise sheets to organise your fitness exercise.
  • 96 pages divided onto: 

· To do lists: Focus, quotes, feeling grateful
· Month at a glance
· Week at a glance
· Diary Write it down

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