Heidi Swapp Make It Happen Memory Planner

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Pink personal planner.

Heidi Swapp Make It Happen Memory Planner

Memory Planner is the new Heidi Swapp planners collection; the planning fever has hit us hard because agendas have changed from something boring to something pretty, but above all, they stopped being something corporative to become something CREATIVE.

A new collection of renewed planners, with new designs and stamping. Also, we will come across a bunch of decorated sheets, sheets to divide the planner, sheets to create lists, stickers and several accessories to decorate with.

Synthetic skin planner with a pink four ring system with roses and the phrase make it happen in gold foil. The inner part has a cream stamping with black dots. The inner flap contains three storage pockets and a large side pocket, and a black rubber band to hook a pen so you can always carry it with you. The measure of the sheets is 4 x 7 in.

The planner comes without dates, perfect for you to start your planner at any moment; whether you have annual agendas or of courses, ori f you wish to start any other day of the year.


  • - 1 black synthetic skin album with roses and a white circle with the text Love today
  • - 1 transparent flap for photos
  • - 12 decorated monthly dividing sheets.
  • - 12 page covers.
  • - 96 sheets for all the months divided in:
    • · General task vision Focus, feeling grateful.
    • · Coming month
    • · Coming week
    • · Diary Write it down
  • 8 sheets of Meal Plan where you can write down your activities, glasses of water, foods, etcetera.
  • - 8 sheets of Exercise, with menu; weekly and one Shopping list

Size: 5.5 x 8 x 1.5 in.

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