We r Memory Keepers Score Board

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Ideal to create envelopes. Includes a blue folder.


We r Memory Keepers Scoring Board

Brand perfect and defined lines in seconds. Ideal for creating invitations, envelopes, gift boxes and many more projects. 
Includes guide envelope and a blue folder.
Storage compartments for easy access.

How to create cards: 
Place the cardboard previously cut in the surface of the base to mark 
for best results, turn your card so that the line is marked on the outside of the fold and the protrusion is of inside of the fold. Aligns cardboard either to the left or the right side or base depending on the instructions of the particular project.

Hold the paper in place with one hand. . Use the blue folder to score from the top to the bottom, holding it at an angle of 45 & ordm ;, exerting slight pressure on the paper or cartunilina

Tip: & nbsp;

To clean it, use a damp cloth on both the base and tool mark


  • Base to mark
  • Guide for envelopes. .
  • Blue folder.
  • Brochure with projects

    to create an envelope..

    Envelopes 8 sizes standard cards. 
    Check the dimensions of the card and the envelope on the table. 
    First place the guide to make envelopes in the upper left corner of the base to score. Place the paper of the corresponding measure against the edge of the envelope guide and mark on the guide defined and rotates 90º. & Nbsp; 
    Continue the process of marking and turn 90º until you complete the envelope. & nbsp; 
    Cut small triangles remaining between the marks and fold all tabs inward 
    Use adhesive at the edges to seal the envelope

    .. envelope sizes standard: 4 bar, A2, A6, A7, A7, A9, 6 "square # 1 (14x14cm) and # 10 (27.03x27.3cm) & nbsp;

    approximate size of the base. : 30.5 cm x 30,5cm.

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