Pinty Plus Matte Spray Varnish for Chalk Paint

Ideal for Chalky Paint Finish

Pinty Plus Matte Spray Varnish for Chalk Paint

  • Spray varnish for chalk paint. It is a colourless water-based, quick dry varnish that protects surfaces painted with chalk paint. As opposed to the Pinty Plus spray wax, the varnish closes the pore of the surface. Respectful with the environment, low scent and non-toxic. Shiny and matte finish. Does not stain.
  • This novelty formula is apt for interiors. Protects, highlights and waterproofs any surface painted with Chalky Paint Spray. Highlights the colours and protects from dirt.
  • Can contents: 520/400ml = 1,40 m2
  • Surface dry: 1 h., total 24 h.

How to use:

  • The surface to be painted must be dry. At least 24 hours after painting is recommended.
  • Shake the can vigorously for 1 minute until the mixing balls click. Pulverise at a distance of 10/12 in. applying thin and quick layers, first horizontally and then vertically. It is advised to use two thin layers and not one thick one to achieve a steady covering and avoid removal.
  • Once finished,  flip the can and press until gas comes out to clean the button.

Usage tips:

  • Use the varnish to also highlight the tone of the chalk.
  • Recommended for places with high humidity and environmental filth.
  • If you wish to achieve an ultra-matte effect, combine Pinty Plus chalk with the matte varnish.
  • Do not use over electricity powered equipment and apply only in areas with ventilation.
  • Once empty, the can must be stored in the yellow container.
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