Pinty Plus Spray Wax for Chalk Paint

Ideal for Chalky Paint Finish

Pinty Plus Spray Wax for Chalk Paint

Spray wax. Protects and preserves surfaces painted with chalk paint.

  • Wood protection.
  • Protection of surfaces painted with chalk paint.
  • Provides shine and smoothness to touch.

Both wood and surfaces painted with chalk paint absorb the wax. This is because both keep the pore open, allowing the wax to act. On surfaces pained with any other type of paint that close their pore, wax cannot penetrate, leaving an oily surface. It is also a way to ensure the paint is what it claims to be. Therefore, wax only on surfaces painted with chalk paint.

How to use:

  • Shake the can for a few seconds and then apply on the surface.
  • If we wish for the surface to keep the chalk paint’s texture, we leave it as it is. Which is to say, allow the wax to penetrate the paint layer to protect it.
  • If we want a smooth and shiny surface, we polish it with the use of a handkerchief, towel, or cotton fabric, evenly.
  • For surfaces previously painted with Chalky Paint Spray, the process is the same. If the furniture is recently painted, we wait 1 hour for it to dry and then apply normally.
  • Wait 30 minutes between layers for the wax to penetrate the surface.
  • It is important that the use of the wax is meant for the treating of wood. In the case of the Chalky Paint Spray, it is equally recommended due to the fact that, unlike other paint, this one keeps the pore open.

Usage tips:

  • Use the wax to highlight the chalk paint tone or the natural wood.
  • Apply without rubbing to achieve a matte effect. For a shiny or lightly satin finish, polishing is required.
  • Just like other waxes, it is necessary to remove the layers after a few months.
  • Do not apply over electricity powered equipment and use only in areas with ventilation.
  • Once empty, the can must be deposited in the yellow container.
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