Pocket Travelers Notebook Midori Color Crush Copper Hexagon

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Hexagonal printed Traveler’s notebook


Pocket Travelers Notebook Midori Color Crush Copper Hexagon

Use a planner to organize, plan and tell the story of your life. New Format from Webster’s Pages in A5. It may be easy, it may be fun, it may be both. ♥ Pocket size has arrived.

Traveler’s notebook or midori is a notebook to keep oneself organised, to take appointments, notes and to carry everywhere with you to write down your life. The notebook is rectangular, which is a proper size for midoris, and they’re perfect to store and keep all your souvenirs. The cover is brown and the internal pages are off-white. You can use it as a trip notebook or even as a diary.

The external cover is made of faux-leather with multiple internal sewed pockets to keep your tickets and post-its or your stickers, etc. The external part is printed copper hexagons on a white background; the internal part is skin coloured and the pockets are white and mint green. The central part contains four elastic bands to add or remove other midoris. The notebook itself is maintained by a bigger elastic band with a small tag tied to the traveler’s notebook itself.

Dimensions: 10,79x3,81x15,24 cm. (4.25x1.5x6")

  • Include:
  • - Faux-leather planner.
  • - Kraft coloured notebook 8,89x13,97 cm. (3.5x5.5")
  • - 4 elastic bands (to hold on the notebooks inside)
  • - Sewn pockets (to store your tickets, your cards, etc.)
  • - Elastic pen holder.
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