What are these points?


With these points you will be able to get big discounts. You just need to redeem your points for discounts!


How do I get points?


You just need to place an order and depending on the price you will get more or less points.
The bigger the purchase, the more points you get, as simple as that :)
Have a look at "My Account" to see your points.

There are several ways to get points, by registering a new account, placing an order, commenting, inviting friends...


How do I redeem my points?


First, make sure you are logged in.
Then, at the very end of the checkout process you will be able to see a "gift" icon, just click on there to use your points.

Keep in mind that the points expire 90 days after getting them.

ActionPointsN# of times you get points for this
Place an order 3 points per spent pound Unlimited
Register 100 for registering 1 time
Comment 20 points per review Up to 20 times
Invite a friend 20 points per registered friend Up to 20 times
Sponsorship 500 points when your friend places an order Up to 20 times