Scrapbook Paper, Decopatch & Other Supplies

Scrapbook Paper, Decopatch & Other Supplies


Welcome to paradise!

Stamped paper is our most essential material for scrapbooking and will definitely leave a mark on your work.

We have scrapbook papers for all tastes and colours!

Flowers, birds, basic shapes, smooth papers... and also collections specially designed for the best moments: wedding papers, for babies or for traveling purposes.

You will find them classified according to the size of the paper and the number of sheets included in the set. Remember that in the same set or kit all of the papers and designs can be matched with each other, so we don't have to spend time thinking about the combination of colours and designs for the same project.

Sets consist of paper blocks, that is, they are glued on one side. Kits are a set of loose papers put together inside a plastic cover, commonly kits include die-cuts or stickers from the same collection.

Visit the loose papers section to find stamped papers for bookbinding or buy one of our flat or texturized cardboards. Along with the special papers, you will find corrugated carton, watercolor, silk paper, glass paper and many other materials that will help you with textures to create different projects.