Adhesives, Glues & Protectors for Scrapbooking

Adhesives, Glues & Protectors for Scrapbooking

Glue and other kinds of adhesives

Adhesive glue is one of your best friends in the scrapbooking world. Without glue, there’s no start, no support, nothing. So you better choose wisely which is the best for your project and what other types of adhesive exist to enhance your album.

How does adhesive glue work?

There’s a difference between adhesive, glue or sealants. Not every glue fits for any scrap project. You may think any kind of glue should be fine, but it’s not, actually and might regret using it when you see your project falling into pieces. You must use a scrapbooking adhesive, which is acid and lignin free. These chemical components are in many adhesive products, but they severely damage your photographs. You risk burning, yellowing it or destroying the gelatine protective film of your photo. Through time, your picture would be totally wasted. Furthermore, the adhesive can also damage the printed papers or the inks you use. Which is why it’s essential to get some acid and lignin free adhesive.

What kind of adhesive should I use for my project?

Now you know the difference between regular glue and scrapbooking one, you need to know which kind of adhesive fits better for which project.

Double-sided adhesive

Double-sided adhesive is a dry scrapbooking adhesive. It’s usually presented in tape or with applicator. It’s the scrapbooker’s favourite adhesive to glue papers and photos. The material does not ripple, it’s easy to apply and you don’t risk messing the rest of your project. Another double-sided adhesive are Glue Dots, which are adhesive drops, great for heavy embellishments.

Liquid adhesive

Liquid adhesives, or PVA, are more appropriate for collage, card-making and to glue embellishments of any material. You still have to be careful, since every scrapbooking adhesive have their proper characteristics. Mod Podge has different finishes, for instance, and they also fit as protective layer or varnish for your project. For small or precise project, the best id to get a glue pen, so you’ll be able to add the adhesive just right where you need it. Another great product should be the glossy accents, which is super strong and adds a gorgeous glossy finish to your projects.

Photos adhesive corners

Small adhesive triangles you place on the corner of the pictures to hold them still. The pros s there is no direct contact with the picture, so, no risk to burn it, and you can change the photo whenever you want to. Plus these triangles can be decorated and customized with different colours and finishes.

Shaker cards

They are double-sided adhesive foam shapes. You can use them as embellishments and to stick pictures, stars embellishments or papers, and also give some dimension to the project you’re on. You can also practice some technique to get shaker cards.


You can use flat magnets you’d hide behind a paper or a picture, or bigger ones to use them as a decoration just like you do it on your fridge.

Glue stick

That may be the one we use most. The difference is that the scrap one does not have acid or lignin when you stick it to pictures. We recommend this kind of adhesive when you use tissue paper or napkins, when you do collage and for light and thin materials.

Other adhesives

Liquid silicon and hot melt adhesives are other kind of adhesive. Hot melt adhesive guns are great for heavy materials, like fibres or tassels. Liquid adhesive are good for materials like EVA foam, light but also a bit thick.

Adhesive eraser

When we deal with adhesive, we also MUST have a plan B in case we made a mistake and ruined everything by gluing everywhere. The adhesive eraser will be a pretty useful tool to remove the excess without damaging the paper and letting it all sticky. Alright, it’s not perfect and nothing will magically disappear a 100%, but it does a pretty good job with water-based adhesives. And no matter what kind of project you’re going to do, remember to always try the adhesive on a small part of the material you use aside of the project to get the result beforehand and avoid any mess.

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  1. Pegamento Clear Gel Tacky Glue Aleene's
    Aleene’s School Tacky Glue
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  2. Aleene's Paper Glaze
    Aleene's Paper Glaze
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  3. Moxy Set of 2 Fine Tip Glue Pens
    Moxy Set of 2 Fine Tip Glue Pens
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  4. Hojas adhesivas 30x30cm
    Scor-Pal Scor-Tape Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets 15x15cm
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  5. Adhesive sheets 30x30cm
    Adhesive sheets 30x30cm
  6. Orita Taky glue with applicator 125ml
    Orita Taky glue with applicator 125ml
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  7. Orita Taky glue 250ml
    Orita Taky glue 250ml
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    SUPER DEAL **50%** Artemio Yellow Wax Seal
    SUPER DEAL **50%** Artemio Yellow Wax Seal
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  9. Cola blanca de secado rápido Amelie 250gr
    Amelie Prager Fast Drying White Glue 100gr
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  10. Amelie Prager Fast Drying White Glue
    Amelie Prager Fast Drying White Glue
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  11. Lawn Fawn Glue Tube
    Lawn Fawn Glue Tube
  12. NUEVA Pistola de silicona +10 barras Artemio
    We R Memory Keepers USB Power Tools, Mini Glue Gun
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  13. Artemio NEW Glue Gun Kit + 10 sticks
    Artemio NEW Glue Gun Kit + 10 sticks
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  14. Extra Gloss Finish
    Stamperia Heavy Body Finish
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  15. Stamperia Extra Gloss Finish
    Stamperia Extra Gloss Finish
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  16. Stamperia Super Strong Glue
    Stamperia Super Strong Glue
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  17. Hawthorne Fine-tipped Glue marker by Heidi Swapp for Minc
    Hawthorne Fine-tipped Glue marker by Heidi Swapp for Minc
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  18. Pegamento Deluxe Nuvo
    Nuvo Glue Pen
  19. Nuvo Deluxe Glue
    Nuvo Deluxe Glue
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