Scrapbook Embellishments, Stickers & More

Scrapbook Embellishments, Stickers & More

One of the best things in scrapbooking is that you can show you own taste in so many different ways. Scrapbooking is not only cutting and gluing paper on a project; it’s revealing what the project means to you and to someone else if you’re planning to make a gift for someone special. Have you ever seen a youtuber’s scrapbook and wondered how she could have done it so beautifully. The owner turns the pages and you can’t stop being marvelled. Everything is different, there seem to have different patterns, the colours are so versatile, the book’s bulky, there are papers everywhere. Yet, IT’S BEAUTIFUL. Dies, papers, washi tapes, clips, glitter, stickers, tassels, tags, labels, buttons, flowers, enamels, badges, brads… There are so many ways to present one same thing. Just give a try to the scrapology!

How to use properly scrapbook embellishments?

The first step to start a scrapbook project is to choose the pictures you’re going to use, the kind of project you want to do (a scrapbook, a Project Life, a Lay-Out, etc.), a general theme (someone’s baby’s coming, for instance) and finally, how you would like to embellish everything. Embellishment is a few percent of the whole project, actually if you add too much stuff; the project looks childish and messy. So, the secret is on quantity and disposition. Getting lost in clutter is a beginner’s common mistake. The page doesn’t need to be filled to get an amazing look. So, once you’ve chosen your pictures and the background, the key is to select a few embellishments, and place them onto your layout to get a preview of the final result before gluing them. You’ll have to decide whether the embellishment will adorn the project or if they will be the main focal point of it. For instance, if the background is of a certain colour, like green, you may not want to use purple embellishments, as they would be pretty distracting. Also, you may want to scatter the embellishments and no gather them all in one part of the page. The glance should uniform, although you don’t need a lot to balance it. Another beginner rule is to go on easy with the mixing and matching of embellishments. There are so many kinds that if you put a lot of everything, it’ll just create a mess. Focus on what we call the “Holy Trinity”, which is to choose no more than three kinds of embellishment and stay on this quantity per page to makes everything more equilibrated.

What are the kinds of embellishments?

We have TONS. We’re not even sure we’ll have an updated list by now, since people are so creative, they just invent new stuff every day.


They’re usually used as flower centre but you can also place them on cards.


Brads are awesome because there are so many different ones. You can use them as clip; gather pictures together, even wear some of them


Buttons are versatile for their shapes and colours, but beware of the bulky ones, they can deform a bit the pictures while you turn the page.


Charms are useful when you want to add some shiny metallic details. Flat ones are perfect for that.


Some have textures, some have different colours or you can create your own with your favourite paper. That’s why confetti is like the 1.0 embellishments. Let’s not forget it goes awesome with adhesives, creating glossy effects with embossing glues.


Here’s a door to a whole new world. We could talk for hours about die-cutting crafts. It’s basically an embossing tool that allows you to create paper shapes to fully decorate and embellish your project.


They’re usually places on paper tags, but also to fix a photo or a paper on your page. They vary in sizes and colours.


An elegant touch for any craft project.

Foamy shapes

Eva foam sheets are thick and smooth, so you can create wonderful shapes for you pictures.


Glitter is super easy to use and adds texture and brightness to the page. You can also create shapes with it.

Metallic shapes

Whether there are photo corners or any other shape you can also use them as bookmarks.

MDF shapes

Letters, animals, frames… you can stick anything you want to your photo.


They’re used to hold photos, but you can also stock papers, tickets, etc.


Border a page, create bows, or use it as a drawing element!


For quick and easy flat shiny embellishment


Sky is the limit! Whether there is plain one, puffy or velvety, stick it and that’s it!


They’re a pretty good embellishment idea, plus you can write down names, memories, etc. You can attach them or stick them on the project.