Heidi Swapp - Fresh Start

Heidi Swapp - Fresh Start

Heidi Swapp is one of the best American designers from American Crafts. She has a great particular style and everything she does is absolutely fantastic. The Heidi Swapp memory planner couldn’t be different.

If you enjoy building and keeping stories, having every little information written down in a journal, but if you also love to check your chores and tasks in your calendar, and, most importantly, if you LOVE scrapbooking, then Heidi Swapp’s Memory planner is just for you.

What size is the Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

There are two different Heidi Swapp Memory planner’s sizes, according to your lifestyle: personal/traveller and large, also called A5. Both are pretty much the same excepting the format, of course, but it’s only a matter of personal taste.

How to make a Heidi Swapp Planner?

You don’t actually make a Memory Planner, since it comes with everything already in it. But you can start from there and go on doing papercrafts, which is cool, because you’ll have the entire year to work it on. This twelve months undated diary is indeed a beautiful way to stay on top of things, write down special events, document your life and also gather some you-time. Functional, portable and plain fun planner and at your own pace.

So, when you pick a planner, you pick a style, from tropical to elegant, floral or classic, etc. Each style has its own vibes, with its colour range, its illustrations… And each style has its own accessories collection. Stickers, washi tapes, storybooks sets, inserts,  lists books (To-Dos, Exercise, and Budget)… you name it. Plus that’s not it, you can obviously add your personal touch since the planner is a regular ring-binder diary, you can punch your photos, your invitations or your cards, decorate your pages with stamps and personal decoration stuff. And let’s not forget the pens, since you can play with the inks and doing lettering for every moment you need to share and write down.

How to use the Heidi Swapp Planner?

Heidi Swapp’s memory Planner is great, because it has been designed for a long time to bring you back to the moment you wrote something down and help you reconstruct your memories, whether it is the greatest or the tiniest moment of your life. You can start documenting your journey at any time of the year –and your life- and start telling your story every day for twelve months!

The planner accessories are awesome to help fill in memories and activities that took place, appointments, goals, etc. So much is going on from week to week, that the stencils will help make it simple to create “bullet point” notes about what went on. The embellishments will help you jog your memory and what Heidi calls “stop the blur!”

No matter what your story is, it’s essential to tell it, to share it, to memorise it. It doesn’t matter whether it is a good or bad thing that happened, because all experience, good or bad, is something we learn and help us going forward and to grow as a person. Everything you may think of is worth being remembered and documented. Whatever way makes sense to you. Just give yourself permission for a “fresh start”.

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