Happy Planner by me and my BIG ideas - Create your 365 Planner

Happy Planner by me and my BIG ideas - Create your 365 Planner

What is the Happy Planner ?

Me and my big ideas has created an very special planner, the happy planner. It is a customizable diary with a disc-bound system that seeks to combine the owner’s creativity with the needs for organisation according to general or specific criteria. We have here everything you need to help you create the perfect planner. Stickers, washi tapes, dashboards, loose sheets, lists, monthly and weekly divisions... The process of creating and individualizing your diary is really very simple. With just three steps, it can be done. Are you ready to live a fulfilled life?

Step 1 - Choose your planner

First, you must choose your planner. Planners are available in three different sizes: big, classic and mini. Then you can choose the layout of the presentation of the columns. You can prefer to see the weeks vertically or horizontally, any options is totally valid! You can also choose a dated or an undated planner, if you prefer to evolve with it over time or if you are one of those who prefer to stick to a year and a definite period. If you feel a bit lost, there are also themed planners: budget like payments and sales, teacher, student, fitness, recipes... There is a planner for every idea you can think of. Your decisions are what make your planner evolve according to your liking and your pace.

Step 2 - Customise your planner

Then the fun begins, because it's time to personalize your diary. The particularity is that you can add pages as many times as you want to adapt them to your preferences. To remove the sheet, pull it towards you, and to add it, place it on the rings and push it inwards to include it without difficulty. This technique can be used to include or remove one or more pages, of course. You can remove, for example, the pages of a month, and leave them aside until you need them again and put them back. You can also add photos, invitations or images of your choice. Simply punch the sheets with a mambi puncher, which is also available in three sizes. There are three different dimensions but they fit in any planner. And if it becomes too complicated to handle or the planner get too bulky, you can always change rings and put bigger ones.

Step 3 - Accessorize your planner

After that, the fun lies in the accessories you can add to your Happy Planner, you’ll quickly get used to the habit of adding stuff. It's so easy to customize according to your preferences! You can put inserts, dashboards, some stickers, decorate your photos with washi tapes, or put some notes to remember this date you have soon. Not to mention the colours you can combine between the proper sheets and the mambi accessories. There are also theme stickers or stickers adapted to the themes of the planners, such as teachers and students, for instance. All these accessories are great for adding creativity, personality and a fun touch to your planner and therefore to your life!

With Happy Planner, you put organization and creativity into your life!