Mix Media

Mix Media

What is mixed media

As its name suggests, the mixed technique consists of mixing two or more materials by also using two or more working techniques. It is frequently used by artists, as it is a very unique craft. Mixed media is particularly interesting, as it encourages creativity and imagination. Indeed, the concept of mixing implies also a certain amount of projection since you need to think which media you are going to use and how to do it.

How to use mixed media in art

You can work on the supports (silk paper, newspaper, foam paper, vellum paper cardboard...) or the materials, by mixing acrylic paint with watercolour, or play with spray inks… You can also vary the dimension and volume by adding plaster, gesso, using brush markers or coloured pencils. Another interesting upgrade is adding small objects to your process. The mixed technique is definitely a way to embellish and surprise whoever is going to watch it. The most popular mixed media is collage, but there are many miscellaneous artworks as you can play with the product quantity or the supports you use. You can then assemble paper with photo paper or focus on crayons, pens, acrylic and watercolour painting. There are as many mixed media possibilities as you can imagine.