Planners & Organisers

Planners & Organisers

All the agendas, planners, Smashbooks and Lifeböks presented on the site appear here.

A planner is a creative agenda. It obviously has the characteristics and aspects necessary to record most of its day-to-day life, but since it can be modified according to your preferences, it will gradually meet your needs as a personal organization. Some models have a ring system that allows you to add or remove pages and of course, many accessories are also available to decorate your notebook.

The Smashbook is more of a diary because it is not presented under a monthly, weekly or even annual division, but as a simple notebook that can be filled and decorated to your liking. The album is usually already pre-decorated with a theme or a range of colours and it is enough to embellish it with the traditional scrapbook accessories on our site (stamps, washi tape, clips, stickers, etc.) You can note what's has been important to you, an event of the day, a souvenir, a visit to a museum or even stick this photo found at the bottom of a drawer and which deserves to be immortalized.

The Lifebök respects the same creative concept as its fellow articles, but belongs to another brand, therefore with certain different physical characteristics. Always possible to customize, envelopes to store your tickets, interleaves, and other embellishments are always available to develop a spontaneous diary.