Letter Ink Stamps and Mini Stamps

Letter Ink Stamps and Mini Stamps

Stamps are a very simple way to draw in the blink of an eye or to create various repetitive drawings without fear of making a mistake on one of them. And don't forget the stamp cleaner !

Clear acrylic stamps

Clear stamps also require a methacrylate block - also transparent - to ensure uniform and homogeneous stamping.

The transparency of the stamp and the methacrylate block makes work much easier because you can see the area to be stamped with extreme precision. 

Classic rubber stamps

Classic stamps have a rubber pattern with a high quality wooden base. The frame allows for a very comfortable padding and their durability is incredible. 

How to use stamps?

Using stamps is very simple: In the case of clear ones, place them on the methacrylate block, colour the stamp with the ink of your choice (adapted to the stamp, of course), and start printing! For traditional stamps, ink the patterns and print again.