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What is scrapbooking?

You won't be the first to ask: what's this about scrapbooking? It is a hobby that consists of using a technique of customisation of photo albums and souvenirs using letters, diaries and pieces of printed paper and a multitude of embellishments such as washi tapes, stickers, buttons, ribbons, gems, flowers, eyelets, threads, and a long etcetera.

Each album can present a different style according to the personal taste of who makes the craft. The scrap, as we usually call it, gives the opportunity to give a new life to all those pictures stored and almost forgotten on the computer or mobile phone. In addition, it allows you to have fun and practice a lot of different crafts and techniques, such as origami, decoupage, watercolour painting, the use of waxes and gelatos, even sewing!

But do not think it's something new and recent; on the contrary, it's a custom that dates back to the 18th century! However, its success and popularity are such that nowadays there are many teaching workshops and forums where to share ideas, publications and designs.

How to scrapbook photos?

So, to start scrapbooking, you just need a few things. An album, photos and all the accessories you like: printed papers, templates, adhesive tapes, foil paper, stickers, die-cutting machines, washi tape, clips, inks, stamps and countless other products.

Then, you just need to create a personalised background and cut the papers and the photos in the shapes you like most by perforating, die-cutting, colouring or painting them, and do some layered project. Each photo can have its own theme, its own shape, its own background colour, let your creativity live.

Can we scrapbook other things?

Absolutely, you must. The more you create your scrapbooks, the better the result will be. You can emboss letters, write titles and colour details with pens, cut and create 3D flowers and leaves, sky is the limit! 

The variety of styles is as wide as your imagination, the best known are Smashbook, Mixed Media or Project Life.

In our online store you will find everything you need to get started in this art of decoration so endearing and rewarding. We offer scissors, pens, shaped punchers, cutters, embossing folders, texture folders, special stamps and inks, paints and brushes, cardboard, glitter, buttons, ornaments, coloured pencils and 3D stickers, not to mention scrapbooking sets, sets of paper stamped on one or both sides to play at making shapes and frames. Stop by our website and you will see that among the more than thirty thousand products you will find the product you wanted so much to start a new scrapbooking adventure.


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