Sennelier Set of 5 acrylic paintings Pastels Abstract

Includes 5 colors.

Set of 5 acrylic paintings Pastels Abstract Sennelier

  • Sennelier innovates again by launching the first range of acrylic paint for artists in an unreleased container. Here is it Abstract.
  • Abstract by Sennelier is a high-quality fine acrylic made in France and packaged in a flexible pack with multiple advantages: & nbsp;
  • < li> - The use is under way; facilitated by a very nice manipulation. Fill it with you everywhere: the bag, contrary to a tube, is very solid, resisting the pressure, even if, carelessly, you step on it!
  • - The painting it is better preserved, since the air does not enter the pack, but, above all, with abstract use & aacute; the whole painting, without any loss. The air bubbles that disperse the color in the palette at the end of the tube are finished.
  • - With abstract there are no unpleasant surprises in the choice of color: while the opalescent plastic of the tubes modify the apparent color, the transparency of the abstract pack allows you to see the true color. There is no color difference between what you see on the outside and the color you are in. in the interior.
  • Its exceptional concentration of pigment in this segment gives it a consistency that goes from creamy to thick, qualified as Heavy-Body, as well. as an incomparable hiding power. Easy to use, both with a brush and a spatula, the paste is pleasant to handle: it has a body and retains the tool mark. Its ease of application on canvas and on numerous supports makes it highly appreciated by contemporary artists who are adept at mixed-media, street-art and modern techniques.
  • Site for mono-pigmentary colors.
  • Includes colors: & nbsp;
  • - 116 Titanium White
  • - 320 Light blue
  • - 545 CaMDFium Yellow lemon
  • - 674 Bermell & oacute; n
  • - 658 Rose of Qunacridine
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