Sew Easy, Sew Stamper and Sew Ribbon

Sew Easy, Sew Stamper and Sew Ribbon

If you want to easily add a sewing detail to your albums and scrapbooking cards, Sew Easy is the perfect tool. This series of tools from We R Memory Keepers makes the work a lot easier!

The Sew Easy is as its name suggests in English a tool to make sewing very, very easy. It is a built-in handle where you can place different heads, each representing a different type of stitch, roll the head on the support, and it will be marked with small perforations that will tell you where to place the thread to get regular and perfectly sewn stitches.

If sewing is not your cup of tea, you can use the perforations as a guide and connect them with a felt pen, the result will be different, but just as regular.

The Sew Stamper follows the same principle as its sister the Sew Easy but instead of perforating stitches, it leaves a regular mark of specific shapes while retaining a certain sewing appearance.

The Sew Ribbon is the perfect tool to handle ribbons and leave a romantic look to your projects. Simply attach the sheet or holder of your choice between two magnetic strips and pass the punch according to the shape of the strip you have chosen. Once the holes are perforated, all that remains is to pass the tape!