Titan 10 tubes Wooden case

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Contains 17 pieces with 10 tubes of oil, brushes, auxiliary products, brushes, etc.

Box of wood 10 tubes Titan

Extra fine Titan oil colors are made with pigments and selected among the best vehicles. Its formulation is the result of a long experience in the technique of colors, paints, varnishes and the advice of painters of universal fame. The name of each color responds to its authentic composition. They are doughy, smooth and soft. The drying is progressive and total. The colors are intense and pure. The color chart includes 87 colors.

The Titan auxiliary products for artists are the complement of the colors to change their natural conditions in the cases that it suits. One is previously mixed with the color and others are applied over the painted and dry painting, in order to fan its color or give it the uniform, glossy, matte or satin finish that is desired.

Malet & iacute; No wood in mahogany. Size 36.5x25.5x6.6 cm. with gold metal clasps and leather handle.


- 2 natural bristle brushes long handle shovel and round n & ordm; 5 and n & ordm; 1 Titan
- Rag.
- Turpentine essence 100 ml. Vegetable thinner for colors and varnishes.
- Metal oil pan with two wells and flap for fixation.
- Charcoal 0,9x14 cm.
- Palette varnished wood with the same color 35.1x23.6 cm clamping hole.
- 10 extra thin titan tubes 40 ml.

  • & middot; Titanium White S.2 (n & ordm; 4)
  • & middot; Yellow Titan S.2 (n & ordm; 32)
  • & middot; Red Titan Scarlet S.2 (n ° 32)
  • & middot; Green Clear Titan S.2 (n & ordm; 66)
  • & middot; Olive green S.2 (n ° 73)
  • & middot; Dark ultramarine blue S.2 (n & ordm; 56)
  • & middot; Yellow ocher S.1 (n & ordm; 88)
  • & middot; Land toasted sienna S.1 (n & ordm; 96)
  • & middot; Toasted shade earth S.1 (n & ordm; 78)
  • & middot; Black ivory S.1 (n & ordm; 82)
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