Titan Matte Spray Varnish for paintings

Matt finish varnish for oil or acrylic paints.
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Titan Matte varnish spray for paintings 200ml
Titan Matte varnish spray for paintings 400ml
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Matt spray varnish Titan
  • Matt finish varnish. & nbsp;
  • Durable. It does not yellow. Rapid drying. & Nbsp;
  • Light to light and ultraviolet rays. Permanent pallor. & Nbsp;
  • Protects paint against moisture, grease, dust and pollution in general. It does not crack. & Nbsp;
  • It is used to varnish painted paintings or acrylics.
  • Before using the product, read the package instructions carefully.
  • Available in: & nbsp;
  • - 200 ml.
  • - 400 ml.
    • Character & iacute; Features:
    • - Density: & nbsp; 0.76 - 0.78Kg / l
    • - Performance: & nbsp; 400ml: 0.8 - 1.2 m & sup2;
    • - & nbsp; Drying at 23 ° C 60% HR (UNE 48301) To the touch: 2 hours / Total: 24 hours
    • Variations of temperature, humidity, thickness or other type of support, etc., can cause changes in drying, performance, etc.
      • How to use:
      • Stir the container well for 3 minutes. & nbsp; < / li>
      • Do not spray on surfaces that are painted with synthetic resin lacquer. & nbsp;
      • It is essential to carry out a previous test on the type of support and the pictorial technique. rich employee, in order e determine if the result fully meets your expectations. Apply directly and in a thin layer, on totally dry colors. & Nbsp;
      • Apply at a distance of 20 cm. of the surface to be protected with side-to-side movements, in thin and fast layers, surpassing the limits of the work and subsequently crossing vertically, in order to uniformly distribute the varnish paintings throughout the surface. & nbsp;
      • Do not insist on any area, it is preferable to apply a new layer after 24 hours or when you are there. completely dry. & nbsp;
      • On old works: If it is deteriorated works, which have already been varnished and / or to which different layers of paint have been added, it should be. First, proceed to a thorough cleaning and subsequent restoration of the whole of the deteriorated surface. & nbsp;
      • Once the work is done, in conditions and totally dry, it could apply a layer of varnish paintings to achieve the properties, as if it were a new work. & nbsp;
      • This varnish is reversible, if desired can be easily removed by rubbing gently with a soft cloth impregnated with essence of oil or essence of turpentine, well drained. The optical change (reduction of brightness) can modify the contrast and depth of the painted objects.
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