Travellers Notebook Midori Colour Crush - Periwinkle

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Travel notebook in sky blue

Travellers Notebook Midori Colour Crush - Periwinkle

Use a travel planner or midori for your trips: organise, plan and tell your life story. 

It can be easy, it can be fun, it can be both ♥

The traveller notebook is a midori type notebook, perfect for organising, travelling and telling your life story. The notebook has a long, rectangular shape, typical midori model, perfect for organising and saving all your memories. The notebook has brown covers and has cream pages in its interior. You will be able to use it as a travel notebook as well as for personal use. 

It comes with a fake leather cover sewn with multiple pockets on its inner flap to save and place stickers, post-its, etc. Its exterior is of sky blue Colour, the inner side is white with golden foil dots  and the organising pockets are white Coloured. The central area contains for rubber bands that allow you to exchange the notebook for another one or add new midoris. The outer zipper is made of a rubber band that keeps your travel notebook closed with all its contents tight together. On the rubber band you will find a small sky blue Coloured tag.

Size: 4x8 in.

  • Includes:
  • - Leatherette planner.
  • - Kraft Colour standard notebook.
  • - 4 rubber bands (to keep the notebooks in place)
  • - Sewn pockets (for cards, tickets, etc.)
  • - Elastic pen carrier.
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