Vicente Ferrer Foundation


We have been cooperating with the Unthakal I Women’s Association from Anantapur, India. Everything started more than 15 years ago, when CRAFTELIER started cooperating the Vicente Ferrer foundation, sponsoring this fantastic association.

Thanks to your purchases we help women from Anantapur to be more valued and respected. It's very common for them to be discriminated just because of their gender condition and their "low" caste, making them an excluded class.

We strongly disagree with this situation. India is a country where women represent 48% of the population, they are also the ones managing the familiar economy and the main transmitters of values and traditions. However, their role is not acknowledged. India´s legislation admits equity and non-discrimination between genders but in spite of this being born a woman usually represents a liability for the family and the lower the social class, the worse.

Vicente Ferrer Foundation started a development program for women in 1982 with the purpose of revaluing their role in society through education and women participation in social and economic programs.

“De mujer a mujer” (From woman to woman) is a program that empowers the bonding between Spanish and Indian women, bringing new ideas into their world.

We also collaborate with the Quality Medical Attention Program for boys and girls. This program from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, allows Indian children to get a quality medical attention.

Thank you for helping us to make of this a better world.

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