The aim of this tutorial is to explain you the main characteristics of stamping inks!

You have attached a table that summarises all the information about each ink, so that you can always have a look at it when you need it.

Memento, Versafine, Stazon, Archival, ColorBox… Okay, okay, there are lots of different inks but, which one do we choose for our projects? With all those inks and brands available, it can get complicated sometimes to differentiate them all.

Distinguishing inks and knowing which one we should use for each material is not easy, that’s why we have prepared this explanatory table for you. It has helped us a lot when answering your questions, so we decided to share it. That way, you can consult it every time you are in doubt or start working with a new material.

If you’re a beginner on the scrapbooking and stamping world, we advise you to print this table and have it always by your side.

scrapbook ink properties

And, in case you didn’t know some of these ink brands, we are going to introduce their main features to you:


Ink characteristics VERSACRAFT

The images stamped with this water base ink are permanent when applying heat. Suitable for fabric, paper, wood...

Drying time: it depends on the material. We recommend you to maintain the heat source (iron or heat gun) during at least 15 seconds.

To get VersaCraft ink fixed on tissue you have to iron it once dry, placing a fabric between your project and the iron.


Pigment ink with chalk finish, very opaque. Made for the use with smooth paper and texturized paper, photographic paper, parchment, plastic, leather…

VersaMagic inks work very well on dark paper, they are easy to extend and can be used as paint.

Drying time: from 10 to 15 minutes on smooth paper.


This is a water-based ink with a bright transparent colour, water resistant. It has been designed for smooth paper, texturized paper, vegetal paper and printed paper. It’s meant for the reproduction of details and fine lines. Their colours can be mixed.

Memento inks are one of the most recommended ones for the use of Copic or Chameleon markers (alcohol-based markers).

Drying time: from 3 to 5 second on texturized paper, virtually instant on smooth paper.


Ink characteristics VERSAFINE

Versafine is an oil-based, fast dry pigment ink. It is ideal for colouring with markers (excepting alcohol-based markers), watercolour and Distress.

Once dry, the images are water resistant and don’t stain. This ink is well recognised for its stamping quality with fine details.

Drying time: 5 second approximately, on thin paper.


Ink characteristics VERSAMARK

VersaMark is a transparent permanent ink ideal to create watermarks and duotones, widely used for embossing techniques.

It can be combined with other inks, chalk, pearl powder and mediums to create different effects.

Drying time: from 5 to 10 minutes on flat paper.


Ink characteristics STAZON

Stazon is a fast dry, solvent-based ink. It can be used on many different materials: plastic, metal, magic plastic, rubber, leather, polymer clay, texturized paper, glass and cellophane. Almost everything!

We recommend you to clean the stamps as soon as you finish stamping with this ink, so that it doesn’t get stick (and dyes the stamp).

Its drying time is 3 seconds for porous surfaces and 5 minutes for non-porous surfaces.

Ombre by Hero Arts:

Ink characteristics HERO ARTS

New inks by Hero Arts have an astonishing finish. Have you ever wondered how people achieve that “ombre” or degraded result when stamping?

Ombre Inks consist on three different pads with different colours that are placed on the stamp horizontally. If you want to obtain a good result, you must place the stamp on the centre of the pad and gently pat with a moving upwards and downwards..

Drying time: from medium to fast.

Archival Ink de Ranger:

Ink characteristics ARCHIVAL

This is a great, multi-surface, water-resistant ink designed by Ranger.

It sticks on a great quantity of materials, so we can say that it is a fast-drying ink on porous surfaces and a slow-dying ink on non-porous surfaces (such as acetate and plastic).

With Archival inks you’ll obtain a defined result, ideal to colour your stamps with Distress inks or watercolour.

ColorBox inks:

Ink characteristics COLOR BOX

ColorBox is a pigment based ink. It is very covering and has a matt or powdery finish. ColorBox inks will surprise you because of the wide range of colours you can choose.

This ink is perfect to stamp on your scrapbooking projects. It is a slow dry ink, which makes it suitable for embossing techniques.

We hope you have found this post useful and you make use of it when doubting which ink to use. Our table is already printed!