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Craft a life you Love by Amy Tangerine

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25 exercises to include creativity in our day to day.

Craft a life you Love by Amy Tangerine

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"I don’t have enough time for my hobbies"
"I’m too busy, the kids and work don’t leave me enough time to do crafts"
"I have artist’s block"

What do these phrases have in common? That they’re not entirely true and our attitude may help us realise that.

In this book, Amy Tangerine explains to us how to train our creativity through, both our personal and professional experience, by using 25 exercises and have helped her keep a positive attitude and just make things happen.
You’ll find time for your hobbies and to appreciate your peculiarities as a strength to exploit, with this creative guide you’ll discover simple tools to train your creativity day to day.
Add your colourful notes, drawings and expressions to make this book completely your own. Board a daily journey which’ll take you to discover your best creative life. 

Craft a Life You Love is divided in five sections: Crafting the Soul, Crafting the Right Mindset, Crafting the Right Environment, Crafting Happiness Through Habits, and Crafting Your Way Back. Each of the sections is full of hacks and tips from Amy to fill your life with creativity, fun and intention, while telling the stories she’s lived along the road.

Author: Amy Tangerine.
&Only distributor in Spain.
Book in English.

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