Modern Calligraphy


Everything you need to know to get started in the Italics calligraphy and 20 projects for weddings, parties, blogs, and much more.


Modern Calligraphy

The Italics calligraphy has an objective to create pieces of unique beauty, whether be it for special celebrations such as a wedding, or to use every day in a desk set. With this book, you’ll be able to master, guided by a professional expert, this fresh and modern writing style. This author divides the calligraphic process in simple steps, so anyone can learn to create their own wedding invitations, thank you cards, gift tags and much more.

After revising and getting to know the materials, from paper to inks and nibs, you’ll learn how to make letters, words, and then phrases, following the instructions step by step that Molly Suber Thorpe offers and with his exercises’ help to practice. The 20 projects in this book, besides serving to obtain the magnificent pieces of italics calligraphy, they’ll be an ongoing source of inspiration for you to make your own, thanks to the fantastic ideas they are formulated.

Molly Suber Thorpe is the designer behind Plurabelle Calligraphy Studio. She’s obtained numerous awards and she’s well known for her different styles of modern fresh and singular writing, combined with some original compositions and beautiful colour palettes. Molly’s calligraphies have been featured in specialized periodicals such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Country Living, C. Magazine, The Guardian and I love Stationery, plus hundreds of blogs and many more weddings. She lives in Los Angeles and her works can be seen visiting the page

Editorial: DRAC
Author: Molly Suber Thorpe
Pages: 191 

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