Silhouette Pen Holder Version 2

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For drawing with your own sketch pens in your Cameo, Curio or Portrait.

Silhouette Pen Holder.

  • New improved version of the Silhouette pen and sketch pen adapter.
  • You can use it to sketch with your favorite sketch pens, replacing the blade with this adapter in your Cameo, Curio or Portrait. This opens up a great deal of creative possibilities for our electronic tool.
  • You can use fabric, water or glitter sketch pens or even color pens, it gives you unlimited options!
  • It consists of 4 pieces: a pen holder and 3 adapters (S, M and L) in order to be adjustable to the dimensions of each sketch pen.
  • It is possible to use a huge variety of pens with this improved holder, and to adjust accurately the point in order to achieve a perfect drawing on the paper.
  • Operating instructions:
  • Make sure that the head (S, M, or L) is properly adjusted to the pen or sketch pen that you will use. Insert it in the point and place the white holder. You must adjust your pen's point to the holder's cover, so that the former does not stand out. This will provide us the proper distance from the point to the cutting mat once we have placed it. Screw both pieces and remove the cover so to position it in the place for the Silhouette blade:
  • TIP: Combine many colors to create designs or cut your own sketches with your blade to make die-cuts.
  • If working with texts, use a thin or "sketch pen" type font (available at the Silhouette Library) to achieve a better result.

The maximum pen or sketch pen diameter that you can insert is around 0.5 in.

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