Do you want to take part in a Snail Mail? Among all the participants we raffle off a…. Kelly Creates Lettering super kit!

Snail Mail, Happy Mail, Pretty Mail, there are many ways we can call it but they all refer to the beautiful letters “only a crafter can create”.

We know that many of you are already true experts in the field, but it is still a world to discover for many of us. We hear about Snail Mail, we see pictures on Instagram, people talking about their Pen Pal.... it's time to get down to business!

In regards of the Scrapbooking Day (which is almost here) we’ve come up with a challenge. We want to organize an exchange of pretty letters! Do you want to join our Snail Mail?

snail mail

Source: @paper_sweetpea

How can we take part in the Snail Mail?

1- Sign up in this section with your, name, surname, email and address (make sure it is well written, it will be the address to which your colleague will send your Snail Mail)

2- You will receive an email with the details of your Snail Mail colleague within 3 or 4 working days. The Penpals will be chosen by country so that the sending of the letters is fast and economic.

3- Prepare a letter for your Penpal, decorate the envelope, write something about yourself, include some details (think about what you would like to receive) such as tags, die-cuts, stickers... You must include something that has to do with Lettering, we want you to practice a little! A name, a title, on the envelope... whatever you want!

4- Take a picture of the process or the final result and share it with us to participate in the raffle (use the hashtag #craftelier on Instagram or upload it to our Facebook wall).

5- Put it in the mailbox and it will begin its journey. Now all you have to do is wait for yours to arrive!

What do you think of the idea? Should we flood the mailboxes with pretty letters? We're tired of getting letters from the bank and brochures from the supermarket!

We are looking forward to this challenge and we hope you’ll take part in it, whether you are experts in Happy Mail or if you are new to it. This is the time!

Snail Mail call

You can sign up until May 6th.
The deadline for sending out the letters is May 21.
The draw will be held on June 5.

¡If you sign up for a Snail Mail you are committing yourself, with your PenPal and the rest of the participants, to send a decorated letter to the person assigned. Please honour your commitment and think about your partner before deciding not to send it.
Craftelier is not responsible for the delivery times of the couriers or the contents of the letter.
People who do not comply with the commitment may be excluded from the draw.
The delivery of the prize is valid for Europe.
Penpals will be chosen by country; at least two people must be involved to open up each country.