Tombow pens are not only used to write. We’re going to show you here three tricks to get your lettering projects more attractive.

My Tombows' collection is getting bigger over the months. I have to admit it; I’m officially enthusiastic with these watercolour pens. Not only you can do superb letters, but these pens also allow you to colour backgrounds and do many projects. Come with me through this post, and I’ll show you how to make backgrounds for further lettering projects.

How to do stained backgrounds

To get our first background, we’ll need a watercolour paper, a plastic bag and our favourite Tombow pens. I recommend you to avoid pastel colours if you wish to get a more intense shaded effect.

First of all, we’re going to paint the plastic bag with the colours you previously chose. I personally picked the orange and purple shades (933 and 676).

You need to paint some stripes and then apply some water with a diffuser. I recommend you to previously protect your craft table, since this step can be pretty messy.

Finally, place your paper sheet upon the plastic bag and apply some pressure until you get the desired effect. Once it is dry, you can use this paper sheet for some lettering.

How to do floral backgrounds

You can do gorgeous floral background by drawing some leaves, stems and small flowers with your Tombow. I suggest here to use pastel colour pens for a tenuous background. For my part, I used the  451 blue shade and the 873 mandarin one.

How to do toned-down background

To make the best use of the watercolour qualities of our Tombow pens, we’re going to paint the whole sheet with stripes of many colours. Once you’ve done with the whole page, tone it down with a water soaked paintbrush. Let it dry and you’ll get your brand new background for your next lettering project.

Now you’ve got all these different backgrounds, you can cut the corners with different shaped punches and you’ll get the most amazing results. These effects are perfect to decorate your diary, your planners or anything at your home.


So, are you tempted by these background ideas?