Titan Dutch varnish

Medium-fatty varnish to mix with colors in oil and as final varnish.
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Titan varnish Titan

  • Oily varnish-medium to mix with al colors and as a final varnish. & nbsp;
  • Provides seductivity, vividness of color , brightness and transparency. & nbsp;
  • Prevents cracks. & nbsp;
  • As a final varnish it is recommended to dilute it.
  • Mixed with the colors, Provides color vividness, faster drying, solidity, flexibility and brightness, achieving effects of great transparency. & nbsp;
  • Prevents cracking. & nbsp;
  • Diluted with Essence of Turpentine or Essence of Oil, it is used as a final varnish of paintings, producing high quality finishes, in the style of flamenco paintings. & nbsp;
  • It can be applied between color and color to achieve greater adhesion (restorations). & nbsp;
  • If desired, a small amount of Cobalt Secative can be added, so that it dries a little faster.
  • Remove bi in the package. & nbsp;
  • As a final varnish, apply diluted and in a thin layer, on totally dry colors. & nbsp;
  • Mixed in colors, in the proportion of Appropriate n, according to the criteria of the artist.
  • It is totally soluble.
  • The more varnish is added to the color, the more it will be transparency, brightness and rapid drying.
  • Before using the product, read the package instructions carefully.
  • Available sizes:
    • - 1 l.
    • - 250 ml.
    • - 100 ml.
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