Time flies! Our second super international Snail Mail is already here!

Snail Mail, Happy Mail, Pretty Mail... it doesn't matter how we call it, all names refer to sending by postal mail nice crafted letters only a scrapper can do.

Last year we had this crazy idea for Scrapbooking Day: "What if we organise an International Snail Mail?" A simultaneous Snail Mail with a ton of letters travelling across all Europe with the sole aim of making your Pen pal smile. And boy, what a response we had! The reception was incredible! We want to thank again all of you who opened their mailbox to an unknown person who shares your scrapbooking passion.

Last year, 760 people participated, isn't that crazy? ? People from France, United Kingdom, Portugal or even Belgium shared gorgeous letters.

So, are you up to try it again? Shall we fill our mailboxes of colours and sweetness amongst paper bills one more time?

1- Fill in the form with your name, surname, email and address (your Pen pal will get this address to write to you, so be sure it is complete and well written).

2- You'll get an email with your Snail Mail Pen Pal's postal address within two or three working days.

3- Prepare a letter for your Pen pal, decorate the envelope, write something about yourself, and add some details (think about what you would like to receive) such as tags, die-cuts, stickers... Both letter and envelope have to be decorated. You love scrapbooking, prove it and show it to the world!

4- Take a picture of the result and share it with us to participate in the lucky draw (use the hashtag #craftelier on Instagram or upload it to our Facebook wall).

5- Send your letter. Now, all you have to do is wait for your Pen pal's letter!

snail mail 3 edicion b

Source: @mamaandletters  @terefully

So, what do you say? Do you want to join us?

Among all the participants we have a super draw: we will give out a  We R Memory Keeper's Kit All-in-One Foil Quill ?? Without a doubt this year's most searched tool to create personalised projects using foil.

You can register until May 4th, Scrapbooking Day.
Letters will be sent until May 13th.
Prize-giving will take place on May 28th.

By signing up to this Snail Mail, you, your Pen pal and all the rest of the participants are committed to send a decorated letter to the person you've been assigned. Please be true to your word and think about your Pen pal if you're thinking about not sending a letter.
Anyone who won't respect these conditions will be excluded from the lucky draw.
Pen pals will be chosen by country; at least two people of the same country must be involved to participate (Overseas Departments and Territories not included, due to the possible postal delay; Obviously people in the UK and Ireland can participate).
Craftelier will not be held responsible for postal service delays nor the content of the letters sent.